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Online and In-Person Tuition Available

How i can help

I'm Laura Greenwood, a teacher of 4 years and current classroom teacher. I can offer high-quality tutoring aimed at a range of different age groups from Key Stage 3 - A Level preparation. 

My interest lies in ensuring that each pupil I tutor not only improves the key skills they need to be successful but also have an increase in confidence in the subject as a result. I can offer tutoring for reading skills, essay writing, English Language and Literature GCSE's, University entrance exams and A Level tutoring. Each session is carefully planned to equip the learner with the tools they need to improve their academic performance through varying teaching methods and resources. 

I have a PGCE qualification from the University of Southampton, and I am a current GCSE examiner.  I believe this enables me to better understand the requirements of the exams and help your young learner to grasp how to approach each exam with more success.

I can offer 1:1 tuition online or in-person or I can offer small group sessions of up to 3 learners please enquire if you have an specific questions.


How I Can Help You